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Tales From The River Bank

This page is reserved for members' trips down memory lane & a chance to recall and share their favourite trips, adventures, scary moments, Skipper vs Crew moments (...ouch!) etc etc .

As usual just use the "contact us" page to send in your content/pictures etc  and we will do the rest....

Potter Heigham To The Canaries - in a Hampton Safari...and back again.....

A Journey Through Norwich - an expedition by boat through Bishops Bridge to the end of the Wensum Navigation. Read the article here
A "Regal Safari" Week: From North To South and Back Again (Autumn Journeys across Breydon Water and Through Potter Heigham Bridge).

Rolling Back The years -  How Clive set out to update and modernise Dungraftin only to find he was working against time...

Our First Safari "Sleepover" - Jim & Sue's account of their first Safari Meetup  and the first overnight stopover on newly acquired Safari, "Bluebell".

"A Honeymoon On Safari" - Eric and Marian's story of a honeymoon afloat on a Hampton Safari 54 years ago - and Captain and Crew are still together!

"To Fully Winterise....or not" - A short "arctic"le on full winterisation vs. how to continuing cruising through the winter months....

Kisiwani II - An original boat with an interesting history and long ownership

The Three Rivers Race - A Hampton Safari as a Guard Boat for the Norfolks Broads 24 hr endurance sailing race

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