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Safari Mk1J Renovation Project

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Part 3: Starting The Renovation Project
Once on our new home mooring at Wroxham the renovation and refit started in earnest. We decided to rename "Our Choice" as “Second Spring” the point of a renewal of energy and opportunities, conserving and nourishing the self.

We decided to start work on the inside first, and hoping to  lift out and repaint the outside in the summer. Paul seemed to go into demolition mode and stripped out the boat. Every night it felt like we filled the car full of stuff to get rid of or repair. I can remember thinking what's left....

We joined the Hampton Safari Boat Club and were invited to the friendly meet up at Salhouse Broad. We thought this will be a great way to get some ideas.

Some kind Safari owners let as have a nose around, but we actually realised that we couldn’t make a comparison as the MK1J layout is totally different to any of the other Safaris we viewed. We decided we would embrace the difference.
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