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Lancelot, Yorkshire Lass, and Harmony

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The Story of Lancelot - a 6 yr labour of Love

This story of this project & rebuild has been lifted from Eva and Udo's own website. Using the wonders of modern web language translation technology (& not my very poor 50 year old english school boy German translation skills) and some hacking around of file formats - here is the English version of the original. I hope Google tranlsation has not mangled the German language too much - but it's close enough to make an enjoyable read of the commentary vs the work in progress....

Click here to read the story of a 5 year rebuild & what can only have been
very much a "labour of love" (in more ways than one!).....Udo as one "IT fuzzie" to another (who has rebuilt  classic cars) - I apppreciate only too well all the hard work, frustrations, and perserverance required along the way - well done mate - cracking result!

Yorkshire Lass

This next photographic sequence recording the repainting of Yorkshire Lass by Hippersons Boatyard of Beccles is kindly provided courtesy of Dave's "OldSafariMan" website

Click  here to see the repainting and transformation of Yorkshire Lass and click here to see it's transportation from the Yorkshire canals to Beccles.

Harmony Rebuild

This next series of photographs and information outlining the refurbishment of "Harmony" is provided courtesy of Paul via his Shorebase website. Paul also produces the extremely useful Norfolk Broads compendium of useful tools and information such as the Tide Tables, Weather Info, and virtual Route Maps referenced by links on the Broads Cruising page.

Click here to view the record of Harmony's refit....

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