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Hampton Safari Boat Club - Safari Owners Members Page

There are many surviving Hampton Safari's known, but not yet registered with us, still in regular use on the Norfolk Broads and elsewhere. In keeping with the spirit in which Brian and Jan set up the club, membership is entirely volountary, free, and informal. We don't actively hunt or seek out other owners who haven't yet  joined but we are always open to, and extend, a warm welcome to new members. Joining is dead easy - just fill out the form & if you have one, attach an electronic image of your pride and joy (alternatively  send us your details and a photo by post). We'll do the necessary to add you to the list of members and that's it - the rest is up to you!

The club was originally aimed at owners in an attempt to gather and pass around knowledge. Not every Hampton Safari fan is necessarily an owner and we're very much aware there are still several Safari's in use as hire cruisers (on the Broads, at least). Anyone who is also "on Safari" while on their hols is welcome to attend any of our informal meets - just send us your details and let us know you are coming.

If any  owners have any questions or special hints and/or tips specific for Safari Boats then we will post them on this Website and maybe give some assistance and/or find some answers.

Finally, the club and/or this website is not meant to be yet another web forum or general discussion group - there are enough of those around already if you like that kind of thing...

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