Renovation 2006 - 2011

From November 2006 to May 2011 we renovated our LANCELOT the "Boot Center Muenster" in Gelmer. Renovating it is true but not really: That was a total renovation!
However, we were able to complete the first two trips in 2010 already.
Apart from that there's always something to potter about on a ship.

Who himself once planning such an action, which are given on the way three pieces of advice:

First the woman must participate;
2 the woman must persevere; 3 the woman must then be satisfied.
(Who takes a woman would rather have a man for whom are the same premises).

Otherwise, a) can drive alone namely;
b) may be driving with his buddies or c) sell the ship after a breakup!

What else is important?
As was mentioned, a well-stocked and equipped with high quality equipment toolbox. Otherwise you buy everything twice. This comes from the "greed is good" - mentality. Furthermore, a couple of friends who have learned something decent, so a crafting profession. As an IT Fuzzi it was enough for me at least for stripping pulling.
Finally, it still needs the willingness to invest thousands of man-hours and several thousand euros.
Already can happen much what the plans upsets Over a period of several years. Therefore, very important: A financial plan!
So, now but it starts with the adventure renovation.
Have fun and hopefully lots of suggestions to follow suit ...

First of all, the state of 2003:
Even in this state, we have more than comfortable but when you looked closer but once, then "crumbled" but it at all ends. Due to the fact that we are so well felt here, we took this project also addressed.

Salon with steering position and in the right picture still a "sleeping accommodation" (For Shrink Germanic) starboard aft.

Once again the room with sitting area that could be converted to sleeping facilities, separate toilet and separate shower.

Looking aft and the bunk.

Here we go!
What this shows us conglomeration of colorful stripping?

It reveals to us the electrical wiring of the control stand!

Now, before someone wants to set up a donation account for us or recommends a retraining as an electrician - so was the state of some charter boats in the colorful 70s.

A few cables I have "this patched". Otherwise everything is original European Hitech from the last millennium.

Thus it can be stated that things work well, against all the laws of physics.
(As an IT person I know that sometimes you can bring your computer back to life by laying on of hands).

The time had come "Between the Days" in 2006 to pre-emergency surgery on the ship.
Gone was the time when the symptoms have been fought - now it comes to the crunch!

So we began, both inside and out to dismantle everything.
What met us there to botch, was already sinking to the ship.

As is known, this boat is built on an English shipyard and I had to ask myself the question:

What about the British fleet?

Most Bloggers
Left the former Pantry, in the middle of the "Perkins 4.108", built in 1989.

In most women only helps the crowbar!
(This only patience, confidence and cuddles)

First time lay a pipe ...!

Uli renews the soil, Eva removes adhesive residue and I'm trying to nibble a cable ...

Links: The diesel tank remains in it, but gets new ports and a timer.
Middle: The framework for the helm. The floor boards are largely been replaced. Right: The panel still in the altogether.

The bulkiest and heaviest parts last: The 400 liter water tank, it has definitely behind. I just heave it along with our carpenter Uli through a port window. When sliding the guys from BCM had to help out with a fork.

September 2007:

We spend another 14 days of holiday in the hall by the BCM.
Meanwhile we have thought through our expansion plan over several evenings almost completely new. In the basement of our (rental) apartment in Munster, orders various water sports and caravan shops stack.
The season (for all others) is coming to an end and it is expected that the facility becomes full again soon with ships.
Now is our sunroof still next to the boat and we have no intention to pay an extra fee for the hall roof.
So that we can install the roof again, the ship must be fully painted.
Furthermore, the convertible top must be provided with a new interior trim.

Let's go ...!
We had already ordered leatherette with "Schwenckner" and our bassist Werner helped us line the top with it.
However, it still lacked the ceiling panels and a few meters edge protection (... and other little things with which you can stay many weekends).
The most important advance - the paint job.

The one-week holiday in August was spent sanding and putty, sand and putty, sand and putty (... and eternal Groundhog).
We had decided on the colors of the "International". These we already had good experiences at AVALON, also these paints were easy to work with.
Priming with "Pre-Kote", then "Toplac 001" (white) and "Toplac 018" (Dark Blue) for hull and superstructure, sealed with varnish.
Underwater hull with "Primocon" as reason for blocking between different antifouling. As a non-slip deck covering, we chose "Interdeck".
So it now looks like after the first coat, by the way rolled up with the most expensive rolls out of the ordinary hardware store.
The differences in quality between the different roles are the way significant. With the cheap you get smallpox, with the expensive a smooth and shiny surface.

Then a coat of antifouling was - house brand of COMPASS applied.

The sunroof is covered with faux leather and panels. Earlier than expected, our new water tank was delivered, we in addition to new handrails with metal design Siems (us ) in Nottuln let produce.
The tank has a volume of 360 liters and is fitted with a bilge bulkhead, so that in a partially filled tank the water is not constantly rolling back and forth.
We had previously bought two inspection hatches and a tank connection kit at SVB in Bremen, which have been incorporated with.

So, now I look back a little friendlier.
Finally over with sanding and filling and sanding and filling, coating and grinding ...

Only once the pretty blue for the hull and a final coat of clear lacquer.

In between is a little time for other activities, for example, mount the new handrails that we after the originals in metal design Siems have let us make, but made ​​of stainless steel.

In addition to the handrail has been mounted before all of the bolts had to be bolted through the roof and the cable leading to the inside. These were, for example, Topp and stern light, the Kathrein - bowl, still a NARGUS antenna for radio and DVB-T, the FM radio antenna and a number of other expensive stuff.

My temporary workplace. Otherwise inside was unfortunately does not happen so much. Besides, it was so cold just before Christmas that was to think of hours of work hardly.

In January 2008, I began with the "Electrical basis." In the picture to see the Vetus starter battery with 55 Ah and the two DETA with 120 Ah for the electrical system. The batteries are not even more wired, but are supplied by WAECO charger with new energy. This, however, only once provisionally, as is followed by a more comprehensive solution. The black hose is the way supply the engine with more air. Hard to see in the left image at the end of the hose on the right (Where?) - Vetus the main fuse for the electrical system, which follows directly after the positive terminal of the battery. Including a Weaco battery refresher, which I tentatively edit the batteries. A battery had strictly refused to take charge. After the "Aufrischungskur" she had also hungry again.
The 'reservoirs water bomb "is a boiler of Mobitherm (also WAECO, is finally in Emsdetten ...).
Capacity 30 liters, heated by the cooling water bypass the motor and of a 800 watt heating element. Behind the 230 V outlet that still gets an extra GFCI.
In the middle picture can still be seen (far right) of the Vetus cooling water filter and diesel filter.
The right image is finally the beginning of the berths cabinets and pantry. Unfortunately, the cable for the rudder system runs a bit inconvenient. In addition, and behind some cables, all with 2.5 mm 2 average.

It had indeed lasted about longer, but on January 11 we could (only Eva in this case) to pick up our 6 new windows Rinteln. The panes had little to be adjusted and we could the next day already looking forward to the complete glazing. The windows are made ​​to measure from .

And sometimes believe the miners when the windows are installed, then also runs the fridge and there are a few Besuchspilsetten!
In the picture the way the drinking water distribution.
After we had initially bought the wrong hoses, namely with an inner diameter of 10mm as well find use in caravan or caravan, the lines are now 13mm. Blue for cold and red for warm water. The amount of hose clamps and other fasteners makes it clear that there is no hose should be tempted to move away from its appointed place!
The plan we have hot and cold water connections for shower, sink bathroom, and kitchen sink, and a cold water connection for the outdoor shower.
At the latter, a Gardena hose can be connected and should serve as a deck wash system.

Maybe something adventurous so close to installing the hoses on the water collector of the exhaust system but we had three hoses on the "other side". On the change of the exhaust system I had ever written so far nothing yet. Originally was a multi-adapted tube at a 90 degree angle from the exhaust manifold of the engine and ended in a thru-hull on the starboard side. Towards this passage, the water had to overcome a slight slope and residual cooling water flowed back to stop the motor in it. This has the friendly engine do not like to mention that the exhaust gases are welcome to gather in the salon while driving with the wind from starboard.
The new solution: The Vetus exhaust hose comes again at a 90 degree angle from the elbow (By the bilge along the shaft was unfortunately too tight).
Then it goes into a generous Vetus water collectors and from there (without muffler and gooseneck valve) aft. All backed with extra heavy hose clamps, and other fixings. I think we will insulate the hose yet, because he runs on his way quite close past the drinking water tank.
In the middle image the further building work in the galley and in the right photo I saw on the panels for the rest of the ceiling panel.

On the roof as everything was so well installed, at least all the cables were pulled, the then disappeared under the ceiling panel. So we could most of the ceiling ever dress up to the point where then the lighting was being considered. In this we had not yet agreed but the next weekend was finally the "Boot" ...

MOUSSE I was able to teach my blonde! Although the wood was not stained and varnished, we started already with the basic electrical installation. It had already accumulated so much cable that we slowly lost track despite accurate labeling. The left and right photo shows the initial assembly of our small "cabinet" with at the beginning of two 6-compartment panels and 4 instruments. The latter are of WEMA and show diesel fuel gauge, water tank gauge, holding tank indicator and tachometer. The tachometer works at this point perhaps a little out of place but I had also not where I've seen it, I do not look constantly on it and much worse: the generator has no terminal W to connect the device. Since I still have to think of something to me. So is the only one parked here.
The middle picture shows the basic installation behind the helm.
On the far left a plus distributor and two minus distributor. Here the cables come in from the batteries. In the middle two fuse boxes. The thick red "cable" is the Teleflex steering and is hopefully not under power.
The cable from the battery come with 16mm
2 to the busbars. Plus goes through a battery selector switch and then through a 63 A main fuse. From the busbars it comes with 6mm 2 to further control panels or fuses or 2.5 mm 2 to certain consumers.
I once caught a provisional battery and of course immediately had the first short circuit!
A cable is not pressed.
All cables have the appropriate eyelets or plugs, are once again protected with heat shrink tubing.
Since one can stay many weekends with.
If we otherwise have no plan, the electrical installation is almost completely thought out even though we have not even officially learned.
However, we have as (amateur) musicians a great affinity for the "Gestripsel".

Let there be light! Time among us: the ceiling lights out of the water sports catalog have 12 volts and are expensive. Ceiling Lights for furniture mounting have 12 volts and are favorable. The latter one we built. And such a pretty LED - stair lighting.

... And then came the spring of 2008!
No, not that we had about made ​​a structural time jump.
The end of February I was able to check off an interlude - my last job!
Then it went on in Dortmund.
As part of the "professional restructuring" we moved from the indeed beautiful but noisy Münster in the serene and tranquil Burg Steinfurt.
At least Eva had her work virtually on the door and I into the station sight.
Double sq. ft. for the same money, super horny apartment ... What should we in Munster?

Only ship to renovation was not thinking at the moment.

In mid-April we moved to, in between Eva and I completed two more appearances in Rheine and Münster and my new job also required a lot of use.

The "ducats donkey" was stubborn and money printing machine lacked the toner.

Nevertheless, we do not lose the maritime sight of the goal. Now was once our carpenter Uli at work. Finally we had (ie Eva!) Agreed on a veneer. We drove with Uli veneer mill Wehmeyer to Havixbeck ( ).
Selected we finally have European cherry.
The final state can also be seen in the already partially developed helm. In "natura" but much more beautiful.

August 2008
Again 14 days vacation? Our Lieblingsreiselziel: The halls of the BCM. Conveniently accessible via the B54, the hall is dry and well ventilated, and we now have "family connection" with Dirk and his team.
First Action - New lettering.
Since we had left and right (or portside and starboard) space, the new label was affixed. Very good experiences I had already made ​​with the company patalla from Rheine ( ), hence the new logo there have been commissioned.
I can only say - very professional, very nice and super fast.
Within an hour everything was done.
On the trunk we brought the "Lancelot" - in writing, together with the "knight" galloping here on the "Bumsleiste".
The license plate not to forget. Top and bottom of the hull with waterline belt is discontinued. Aft of the same label, as we have used previously.
The picture in the middle is just a "filler".
I am currently saving up for a vacuum cleaner robot!

Eva's Zippenablage will also slowly taking shape. At least you've already see the future construction of shelves, which later disappears behind the cushions.

A few more photos from the future kitchen. At 6 meters in length that is already more than a pantry. In the left picture the "Coolmatic RSA-80" is (WAECO) placed before, next to the microwave, the us during the trip across the VICTRON - will supply converters with warm beer.
In the middle a little storage room and left of the cutout for the sink.
The "blue block" is still the diesel tank.

Eva brings overview in the beginning of the cable clutter. The middle image has only filling function. Right to see the newly created storage space.

After celebrating New Year's Eve tasty, finally back in Holland, concrete: MUNSTER In a holiday home in Grou together with Heidi, Manfred and Sam from NAUTICSHOP, we went back to the permanent site. And as it was really cold in January for Central European conditions.
By the end of last year, I had finished most of the wiring.
And almost everything worked well.

Already bought at the "Boot" in 2008, but only incorporated in December, the VICTRON MULTI PLUS battery charger and inverter. Once before the test in the middle picture the shore unit of Philippi. Very useful are the extra switches for boiler and battery charger. Right: "Eva's" Bank with inspection hatches.

Many cable - Brief Description: Right in the picture can be seen behind the helm (port side) the installation. Still missing is the wiring harness from the engine. Left photo above: The wiring starboard among others, the GFCI for the 230 V mains, fed by the converter.
Left Middle: My "comfort zone"!
So everything lights up, flashes and makes noise. By the way, not quite complete.
Below is the DOMETIC embedded cleaners, about the mounting frame on the radio.
The following are the indications (WEMA) for faeces, drinking water and diesel tank, and a voltmeter. Including two 6-fold panels. In addition to the steering wheel when the remote control for the VICTRON.
Image left: Since you do not own holding options on the foredeck when the roof is retracted, I have been there a total of three, mounted handrails.

In the left picture to see the substructure for Eva's "lounging area". In the middle image, the control center of the board wife (or the wife on board?): Microwave, Refrigerator Control, Content Display of gas cylinders, remote switch for opening the gas cylinder and the control element for the EBERSPÄCHER diesel heater. Right: Along with brother Wolfgang, I mounted the wall paneling and the bars for the three front windows.

In mid-February I devoted myself all hoses that find their home in the "basement" of our bathroom. Links, the 19mm hose, which delivers the rinse water for the toilet and the 38mm hose, which transports the good food back out. Both run on two arches with bleeding nipples, so we do not sink us with the toilet flushing itself. Keyword: siphon!
The picture in the middle shows the compact bilge pumping system that will pump out the water from the shower, right again the bathroom in the raw state.

March 2009: The framework for the lining of the engine is ready. The machine should be easily accessible from all sides.
Image top left: The door to our "kennel" (still without lock);
Image left: Uli adjusts the fronts of the pantry.

Since I am still asked the other day from my (mostly adults!) Students, whether this would still be the same ship that I umarbeite here. Unfortunately, yes, even if it looks like I have a whole fleet under construction.
Here again an update from March 23.

Although not compulsory everywhere but better for the world around - the holding tank. Middle: Not quite completely installed, the EBERSPÄCHER Airtronic D4 diesel heater. Right: If Eva and I testing for UBI single spark permit consist on 4 April and we have received from the Federal Network Agency our ATIS identifier, we can take the radio into operation. This is the way to a LOWRANCE LVR-250 combi boiler (thus also for marine radio). If you listen then times the channel 10 from (traffic circle "ship - ship") and listens to what the boatmen tell so, especially at the throat Gelmer (DEK 77.8), then this radio traffic has nothing to do with the what we're learning. What was that again with the theory and practice ...?

Adult education (as I said, for the most part!) Has many pleasant pages. One is the fact that most subjects already have extensive professional knowledge or other resources. So I can replace Excel spreadsheets to eggs or charge for the repair of a computer with my wipers. So rounder Uwe is just about to synchronize 3 wiper motors by means of a control box of ROCA.

After the hoses and pumps are installed, you can continue to be built at Bath. In the right once more the demonstration of what we find room for everything on the ship 8 feet. In this case, DOMETIC dishwasher, I've shot a fair piece Factory sales of WAECO.

Manfred from NAUTICSHOP at various snacks before the grill was fired. Meanwhile, Uwe and I were ensconced in his workshop.

Jan vom BCM and Manfred at impromptu barbecue stand, while Werner our "kennel" dressed up in the bow with carpet.

Finally, once again beautiful views: Eva washes the boat and gets in between cuddles from Dirk, the boss of the BCM. End of April 2009 the ship came out of the hall and was a few hundred meters between parked on the square from NAUTICSHOP. Now although we had finally daylight but all our actions were of course also depends on the weather.

Now we were able to test after every shower of rain, if the ship was at least close from above. Was it not natural! So we armed. Ourselves with Sikaflex and compacted from each millimeter Incidentally we built in the bow still a two portholes. Although had no practical value, but looked good (at last light in my doghouse). This was followed by the most elaborate action: The installation of a bow thruster. The original should be installed further forward, but it does not fit due to the hull shape. So now the tunnel for the screw under the helm ran long. This meant that some furniture, floor boards and electrical installations had to be removed again. As for the bow thruster, so we had been reached properly. Since the ship is extremely susceptible to wind, recommending Manfred a Vetus BOW7512B with 6 hp. In the central image of the tunnel for the screw is being laminated by a BCM employees. In between, the ship was still a little extended by a bowsprit, which will take up the anchor. The swim platform is currently in progress.

Left photo: Eva in "battle dress" in the office of NAUTICSHOP. Sam waits for a donation. Middle: Uwe and I looking for the right windshield wipers. Right: A hole in the ship: The tunnel for the bow thruster is installed.
A happy event may here incidentally be mentioned: Uwe, my students at the ACADEMY ÜBERLINGEN in Rheine, since June 2, has a contract of employment at NAUTICSHOP.
So completely innocent because I was not ...! So, all the best for the future!

June 13: Action for 4 people! Since we had blundered in the inner lining of the roof, we decided to let the whole dress again professionally. So I removed the two windows again. Then Manfred took the roof with the truck down using Werner (who happened to pass) and Uli. At the moment of photographing However, I was less involved in it.

20 June: Action for 3 people! So for the "Streichduo" Wolfgang & Eve and the "overseer" and operator of the camera. I thought very optimistic times and wanted the ship ever miss the last underwater paint. According to the motto: "Guys, you can cranes ...!"

The scenario in Widescreen: By the way is not meant by the third person Sam.

The tunnel for the bow thruster now looks as if he had always heard there.

Once an image to the size ratios: I'm a "little slug!" - Likes to say as Manfred.

Left: The somewhat unconventional horizontal installation of the thruster. But finally, we would like to have are no (further) engine in the salon.
Middle: The ship also to be renovated by Heidi and Manfred was left of us.
Manfred finally got the rubber seals for the windows.
Right: Dean has chosen a shady place and helps Manfred during installation.

Brief respite for Heidi from NAUTICSHOP. Manfred, Eva and Heidi the obligatory grilling.

18 and 19 July 2009: We had the sunroof known once again taken down to let disguise it by professionals. That was also done. However, some changes were yet to come. First, the curtain rods had to be secured, for which I was able to inspire Eva in a very special way. The original 4 track rollers (each side 2), which ran in a guide to both sides of the ship have been removed. For one, these custom built wheels were no longer accessible, on the other hand, these scratched the paint in the guide. In addition, because of the ceiling panel and the new windows, the roof had become so heavy that an individual could move it any more.
The new plan: The guide channels are covered with stainless steel sheets.
The roof gets a total of 4 small lateral plastic rollers that ensure the distance to the ship's side. On the underside of the roof (see picture at right) are each 8 small rollers mounted, then run across the plate.
Here, of course, be careful: the roof is too low - it scrubs over the paint and not close to the windshield.
Roof too high - ship no longer sealed.
Some boats of this type and similar constructions of the U-beam and the large roller were omitted in the middle.
Then of course missing the roof support so that you can no longer enter it. We have left it that way. In the middle picture you can see the large central roller, which runs on the U-beam. These must, however, be increased by an aluminum sheet by a few millimeters, so that the roof is flush with the front windscreen.

Here, the "northern" part of the BOAT CENTER MUNSTER. In the white hall of NAUTICSHOP is. In the right image: Eva and Sam at the "extreme cuddling".

August 1, 2009: Even four weeks in arrears? This is probably always the problem with major construction projects. First of all we are very pleased with the ship laminate Uli has moved completely professional. Even with the inspection holes he has managed to bring the cream-colored stripes in a line with the rules laid boards. RESPECT!
Otherwise, Eva and I are just going to glue a sheet of aluminum with Sikaflex in the U-beam, so that the central roof roller runs better.

The middle image is probably the credo for our project: The sky what the limit!

Manfred gives us back a "roof over your head". Incidentally, this was not quite so simple. The big truck from the BCM was broken, so we had to rely on the smaller version.

However, there are fortunately always local people, the Sundays for their fellow human beings are in this ultra-Catholic region. So we helped Jens by the BCM when installing the sunroof.

Manfred and I between the LANCELOT and SEEWOLF. In the right image: Eva and my parents (Sam is under the table and waits for a cake donation). Nuts was now also involved in our building project and sewed the curtains. A conservative estimate, 22 yards of fabric are sewn.

For the normal labor market completely useless: Manfred & I.

Let's see if we have measured correctly. The first curtain to be adjusted.

August 14, 2009: It is finished - the sunroof runs "like poison." I think I'm going about it once again create a design report, the "Mark II Hampton Safari" primarily intended for all owners of. And these still exist as to the hundred seaworthy ships in England.
To conclude this topic, but here: The roof with 8 rollers on each subpage is now running on an L-profile aluminum.

In this profile have per page again 8 wheels mounted, leading the roof and two rollers hold the roof of the lift away.
For "Anhübschen" the top of the profile is provided with edge protection.
Otherwise, we have "Eva` s curtain rods "mounted, expanded the compass and for the joystick for bow thruster installed (2 hours), looking for a new place for the compass, place the sensor in the bilge alarm, all cables routed from the source to the motor and labeled, cleaned the motor housing, raised 50 tons of sawdust from the bilge, the windshield and everything that was not at 3 on the tree sealed with Sikaflex and destroyed various sausages.

The skipper has finally installed "its" anchor. The leash (no chain!), Is incorporated into the lead passes through a fairlead in the "quarter berth" and ends up in a luggage net ().

Eva in the plaster fever.

The construction of the sheets and rolls for our sunroof again in detail.

August 24, 2009: The old starter had behind them, hence a new was needed. Together with Uwe from NAUTICSHOP we wired the engine electrical system on this day. I made ​​the interns and part-assembled cables.
I had a few small errors in my electrical system but after a few hours it was done: The engine started after 3 years of life IMMEDIATELY!
This gives us hope!
The picture in the middle shows the new Achterpersenning, made ​​by the BOAT CANOPY SERVICE MUNSTER, also originate from the BCM.

( ).

In the left picture to see the purpose-built support for the front glass. This was custom work of metal Linde Schmidt from Münster.
( ).

So in kind see the wiring neater. I must apologize but times. For all interested hobbyists here once the wiring diagram.

This is one of approximately 50 PowerPoint slides of all that has been installed on board.

Left: The three main battery switch for starter power, bow thruster and electrical system.
center. installed to Eva's delight - the hood of DOMETIC
Right: My work, at least part of it. I had to implement the compass again, this is now where the joystick for bow thruster fitted. A new addition to the VICTRON BMV-600 battery monitor is to the left of the compass.

Our cruise ship is (almost) ready for connection. Was a long way from "no idea" up to this installation. The four photos show "only" the electric system in the forecastle. There are certainly many alternative concepts and solutions but this concept I understand and can repair it yourself.

August 31, 2009: We make the third time holiday in, on and at BOAT CENTER MUNSTER in the pension NAUTICSHOP.
Left: There are still two incongruous holes in the "gas box" that Eva seals from below, so Manfred can laminate these from above .
Centre: The "Dream Team" Eva & Herbert from BOAT CANOPY SERVICE MUNSTER, in the isolation of our sunroof.
Right picture: I just speak an announcement on tape ...!

Left: The 230 volt wiring is as good as finished. Eva wants the microwave (and many other household appliances more!) Also operate while driving. So pulled more cable from VICTRON and also installed additional outlets.
center: Manfred came again and again to help past and like to eat the cake.

Manfred install the exhaust hose of the EBERSPÄCHER heating.

Herbert adjusts the cover.

Manfred, Uwe, Eva & I bring to the new bathing platform on Wednesday, 2:09. was delivered from Dortmund. A few adjustments were needed, otherwise a stable and elegant design.

Left picture: The cover over the abutting edge convertible top and windshield. It's missing here is the part above the roof overhang. The first rain of course promptly ran water pure. Therefore, a welt is mounted on the curvature of the roof front page, in which we can install another free hanging cover.
center: less against rain, protects us against this cover downwind. Since we have so our experiences.
Right: Our "Bluesmobile".

The swim platform is grown.

We have finished! Bathing platform with bathing ladder are attached.

Left image: A little faux leather and a stainless steel cover pretty on the steering wheel. Middle: Eva and Manfred install the panels around the oven. Following this, two new 11 Kg gas bottles have been installed, connected the whole system and verified by Manfred.
Right: Due to the swim platform opens up entirely new ways to stow the fenders while driving result. For this, we settled the fabricator Linde Schmidt manufacture and deliver a stainless steel holder.

Image links: Here the shore power matters. The PHILIPPINE LAE 110 Shore power unit with RCD safety switch further has a switch for the boiler as well as a charger.
center: Eva's "helm". Open microwave, right next to the TEC controller for the fridge, EASYSTART remote display for the sensor heating included, Content Gauge for gas cylinders, remote switch for the valve on the gas cylinder and 12-volt power outlet. Further to the right again radio, fitted vacuum cleaner, tank for holding tank, water and diesel, voltmeter and 2 switchboards.
Picture Right: To attenuate the volume of the engine room was lined with convoluted foam.

Seen actually ready for an extended vacation from the outside.

Picture Links: Uli mounted the doors and drawers. Middle: Kathrein receiver and control unit for the self-aligning satellite dish. Image Right: The water hose is ready for a longer motor test. The PERKINS 4.108 M with 40 HP is still running nice and round (and smells like holidays). Since I had installed other engine control instruments, which were not quite compatible with the old sensors on the engine. This was particularly true for the display of the water temperature. The sensor will be replaced.

Picture Links: So there are Steinfurt-Burgsteinfurt and Steinfurt-Borghorst. Where do we like very much to live?
center: A richer jet! Of course we were not sure if the construction aft down the exhaust and the cooling water from the engine to bypass water heater was sealed to the. The fears were unfounded.
Picture right: Manfred on the "wrong" ship.

The "nautical Trio" Manfred, I and Uwe.

So completely finished we were not. But the ship was now halfway habitable. So we decided to leave the boat on 26 September to water. This weekend were several appointments on the agenda. The "Boot Center Muenster" hosted the traditional in-house exhibition and on 27 September it was my birthday. This should also be the date for the ship's christening. Saturday, September 26, the boat was then driven to the crane by Manfred and Uwe from the farm.

I was during transportation on board. Do not try this ...!

"Smoke on the water". Since it is the same purely using this funny yellow crane.

Every morning at eight in Germany. Early Schiffstaufe by Eva, Uwe, Manfred and me. First of all, a pot of sparkling wine and then see if it floats! ... And it really is tight.

Saturday, September 27, 2009. Ready to be baptized. Click here for more photos on the SHIP BAPTISM button!

November 2009
After the baptism, the ship was still almost 2 months in BCM port. A test drive we could no longer do, because among other things it was missing yet the new donor to the water temperature gauge. Well, we could have gone anyway, but just do not have it risked. So we use our boat almost as a holiday home. Since we still had some way to go until all connections to the potable water supply were finally sealed.

That was really a short season. Therefore, the Ausräumaktion was limited. We were particularly pleased us about the special gift from Werner. Now we have Lancelot as a mini - figurehead.

So, the crew goes ashore. We passed to the "guards". The picture in the middle shows the way a birthday gift. The clock and barometer, of course, have a place of honor.

March 2010
"Back to the future". Oh, no - we were not almost done? Have we not already accustomed to it? Such was now in March of no more after that. There were still to make "some small things" but that it degenerated so ...!
Manfred had already brought the ship earlier this year from the hall back to his farm. Despite the miserably long winter he and Uli started already with the further expansion. I could currently do not worry about it, because for me began in March, the fourth (or fifth, or even more) keel laying job for this aircraft carrier (Or am I now get confused with the dimensions?). I was once again content slave (I see a lot more positive than this may suggest term) and was looking forward among other again on paid leave!

The engine needed new bearings, so that the entire panel had to be dismantled. Eve saw that too relaxed now and was pleased with a new drawer. The cover for the oven was already adapted provisional.

Manfred takes the course again much funnier than we. But he also spreads the necessary optimism.

April 2010
Yet she stands in front of the hall from NAUTICSHOP, so the guys who currently continue to work on short distances.

Werner ever had the hope of a Easter walk in the park. However, certain construction projects came to us in the way. Our rudder blade had actually always had it over with so we let us "just" make a new one. Meanwhile Uli designed the china cabinet, which now takes place there, where there was the shower door four years ago.

Even in the bath cabinet doors, inspection panels to form. And if we are soon in Monaco, then Eve can specify with the cutlery drawer, which is above the dishwasher (!).

The bathroom is a little funfair, but the fittings are installed. Outside was where they have everything in order.

And then later ... when we are bored, we can continue to work from NAUTICSHOP on the ship!

... One more week!

Yes, well, are we there yet? For the 22th of May, we had planned our first real vacation for 4 years. I must note here: We whine at a very high level! Well, in May 2010 was already cold and rainy and then even that stupid volcano eruption! Had we not affected, we do not need a new screw. The funny propeller, which had been executed earned us everywhere, showed signs of fatigue exactly where he sat on the shaft. And that., In the form of a long crack When we renewed the rudder blade, also the screw a general overhaul was subjected in this context, with this defect became apparent only after the sandblasting. English ship called to inch measure - therefore a new prop in England was ordered by Manfred, who would also fit our wave. It followed this unprecedented ash cloud, which restricted air traffic. Eventually the thing was then in Cologne and something had to be adjusted again, as had herumgemurkst generations of charter companies on the shaft!
Regardless, the weekend 15-16. Eva May brought our equipment on board, from the Plinte to Prosecco. While food were our "employees" polar aligned properly again ...
Eva had been a week earlier can take a vacation and supervised the further construction activities. I was very happy because I had next to my 40 + hours of work even 20 hours per week on my train plan (From Eva's work hours, not to mention).

Shower again and then you should into the water ...

The next pictures that are now expected in chronological order, the reader will find under "trips". In 2010, we were at least able to enjoy twice 14 days vacation on the ship.
The following winter and spring, we presented LANCELOT on the farm from NAUTICSHOP. Now the osmosis treatment of the underwater hull was in order. In addition, a number still missing panels and strips and the first cosmetic repairs were already waiting eagerly again. Did I already mention that I got a new job again? Somehow no one seems to me to endure more on Eva.
jumping we now once in the April 2011 on the preparations for the new season.

Eva and your men (the "Kameradist" is one of them). Manfred from NAUTICSHOP and Dirk "I'll take even a small piece of sausage" MUNSTER from the BOOT CENTER. But now was once ambidextrous polish on the agenda.

Now it's time to say goodbye to all the good spirits who have helped and supported us. Many thanks to all! Yes, it was probably somehow. Melancholy and storm surge! We drove 6 July 2011 back to Holland (see Törnbericht). It has changed a lot since we arrived here in 2006.

"Farewell Barbecue" on the web by the BCM.

We have (almost) finished! ...