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Brian Quarrington

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Hampton Safari Boat Club
2010 - 2020
B186 Maytime Safari
Hampton Safari Boating
1970 - 2020
In Memorium Brian Quarrington 1932-2023
It is with great sadness that we recently learned of the passing of Brian Quarrington after a short and unexpected illness.
Married for 43 years, Brian and Jan were very active boating enthusiasts for many years owning 9 boats of various types before acquiring their Mk1 Safari, B186 “Maytime Safari” around 2010-11.
Brian was the founder and prime instigator of the current Hampton Safari Boat Club as a result of gaining some helpful “new owner” advice and insight from other experienced Safari owners.
Brian determined to resurrect the Hampton Safari owners club which had ceased existence many years earlier. He also created the original club website back in 2010/2011 when websites were still something of a novelty. With no previous web development experience, Brian created the original Hampton Safari Boat Club website from scratch as a "retirement hobby" and then set to work actively recruiting members….
Brian on Maytime Safari, wearing his "signature" boating cap
In 2013, Brian organised the first Hampton Safari Boat Club meeting at Salhouse Broad and the rest as they say is history with the club increasing its membership and holding annual events regularly since then. (See the website for more details). It is probably also true to say that the current high interest levels in Hampton Safaris owes a lot to the presence of an active and enthusiastic Owners Club sharing valuable knowledge and expertise.
Brian and Jan at the first Hampton Safari Boat Club Meet, 2013
In 2015 after Jan suffering a sudden devastating illness, Brian and Jan sold Maytime Safari intending to finally "retire" from boating.
After trying a seaside holiday home for a while, they acquired "Maytime Sapphire", an Alpha 34, big enough to accomodate family crew to help them back onto the water attending several Safari meets as honoured guests.
Eventually in 2021 Brian even managed to re-acquire his beloved B186 Maytime Safari. The September 2022 Salhouse meet was the last one attended by Brian and Jan as declining health forced the decision to sell Maytime Safari for the second and final time but with the intention of taking up caravanning again as an alternative to boating!
Over the last 13 years, Brian and Jan became special friends to many of us in the Hampton Safari Boat Club. Brian will be sorely missed but will always be there in our memories, at each and every meet up event.
Our thoughts are with Jan, and their children Julie and Martin, grandson Matthew, and great grandson, at this difficult time....
R.I.P. Brian...and thanks for everything....
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