2015 - Waveney River Centre Meet - Hampton Safari Boat Club

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2015 - Waveney River Centre Meet

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Rendezvous At Potter Heigham
Dave & Trish journeyed down from Coltishall on Thursday afternoon joining up with Alan (Maudie) and Keith (Lanson) at their Potter Heigham riverside moorings, where we were treated to a very nice and welcome evening meal and drinks by Alan.

We had prearranged with Jim (Bluebell), also moored at Potter Heigham and  slightly upstream of us, to link up at around 09:00 hrs for departure on our journey towards Great Yarmouth. Due to the notorious cell phone black hole and hence lack of real time coordination, the link up would need to be at the prearranged time.....

....Friday morning duly arrived, and dead on time, Jim cruised slowly past us as arranged, making sure we were all up & ready (!), and waited for us to get all three Safari's away and catch him up a little way down stream.....

The four boats made their way downstream from Potter Heigham, past Thurne Dyke, before turning into the river Bure and heading towards Great Yarmouth. A quick phone call to Dave on Regal Safari confirmed that he was waiting for us at Stracey Arms and we gave him our expected arrival time....
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2015 Waveney River Centre Meet Up Participants






Free Spirit

Dave & Trish









Geoff and Judi



Tony and Liz



Mike and Irene



Pat,  Ken and Nick


Regal Safari

Melvyn & Dave


Take 5

Graham & Lynne



Jim and Sue

11 Maytime Safari Brian & Jan
12 Tranquil Time Phil & Caroline
Potter Heigham to Stracey Arms
The previous evening Alan and I had tried out our two way "walkie talkie" radios (boys toys!) that we each had. These actually proved quite handy in terms of being able to communicate easily with each other, especially by way of being able to coordinate unscheduled comfort breaks along the way!

As we carried on downstream just before Acle, Tony & Liz (on Veyatie) joined us becoming the fifth Safari in our little flotilla. Shortly afterwards we encountered Gary and Anne on Passing Wind heading upstream. Unfortunately they were unable to join us for the weekend but wished us well as we passed mid river.

As we carried on down past Acle a quick call on the mobile radios to Alan and Keith confirmed we were picking up Dave at Stracey Arms. It was rapidly decided that we would have an unscheduled pit stop there.....
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Stracey Arms to Great Yarmouth
.....Despite it being a fine clear sunny day there was a reasonably stiff wind blowing across the flat landscape and a fast running outgoing tide by the time we approached Stracey Arms led by our single handers. 

Being able to correctly  pick the stronger of the two natural forces challenged our combined mooring skills as we entertained the watching geese to a water ballet of Safari's going about while manouvering for mooring spots!

Eventually we were all secured, and taking great care to avoid the plentiful supply of goose guano, we met with Dave (Regal Safari) to firm up plans 1:1 for the remainder of the journey...

Dave would be crossing with us but stopping over at Reedham Ferry for Friday evening. The remainder of us decided to continue down to Waveney River Centre as planned...
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